Heavy angle-pad rigid coupling

This product is only available in container directly from factory.

Angle-pad couplings GKSH provide a full rigid connection of grooved pipes and/or grooved fittings. The coupling has been designed to achieve angular and axial stiffness by firmly clamping in the groove base. Small internal dents give an anti-torsional resistance and the angled bolt-pads guarantee rigidity under all pipe and groove conditions.

  • Available sizes: 1 – 8 inch
  • Working pressure: 232 PSI for VdS / 300 PSI for LPCD / 450 PSI for UL
  • EAC certified / CNBOP certified / FM certified / UL approved
  • Coating: red painted / galvanised

The following sizes are also available on request, directly from factory: 73mm / 141,3mm / 165,1mm.