Container orders from the factory

You can place an order on our webshop. To get access to the webshop, please contact our team at or by calling +32 53 64 51 00.
If your order is FOB (Free On Board)- Qingdao, the delivery time is the following: +/-5 weeks for red products, +/-6 weeks for galva products, +/-6 weeks for products which are not in assortment.
The delivery date (barring unforeseen circumstances) is mentioned on the order confirmation.
If your order is CIF (Cost Insurance Freight) – Port of your choice, the delivery time is the following: +/-10 weeks for RED products, +/-12 weeks for galva products +/-12 weeks for products which are not in assortment
We ship full containers directly from the factory, the minimum weight for an order is 15 Tons, the maximum weight is 22 Tons.
The minimum order quantity for each reference is ¼ box or 1 carton box. You can mix different items in one container, to up to 60 different references.
Orders will be processed between 8 am and 4:30 pm CET from Monday to Thursday and from 8 am to 3:30 pm on Fridays except for Belgian national holidays. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about the closure of our offices.


Please contact for more information about how Piping Logistics can help you.
If you would like to purchase out of assortment products, please contact and we will send you detailed information including unit price, box quantity and FM/UL status. The minimum order quantity for an out of assortment product is 1 full wooden box. 


Option 1) Cost Insurance Freight (CIF) - Destination port: We organize the transport of your goods for you. We have established a partnership with different transport companies to provide world-wide transport at the best price. Option 2) Free On Board (FOB) - Qingdao port: We inform you about packaging, weight and ready-date of your order. You choose the forwarder, give us the information and we contact him to arrange the shipment of your order. 
When the container is delivered from our warehouse, we will inform you about the ETA (Estimated Arrival Date) for the vessel. However, due to customs delay, changes in the ship schedule or other unforeseen circumstances, the arrival time cannot be guaranteed. If your order is not delivered according to the delivery date, please contact customer service. We will immediately contact the forwarder to give you an updated status of your container.

Complaints / Return policy

Please contact to report your complaint so we can provide a quick solution.
In case of mistakes found in your delivery, please contact We will figure out what went wrong and find a solution togheter. 
Please contact so that we can provide you a quick solution. 

Sales conditions

The general terms and conditions of sales can be found on our website. They are also attached to each quotation, order confirmation and invoice.
1. Validity of our Prices: - Our prices are valid only per full container 20 FT (Capacity 20 ton or 42 boxes of 110*80*80 with max. 60 references, minimum 15 ton). - Our prices are valid until new prices are published.
2. General payment conditions: - The payment terms have to be defined with the Sales Manager.
3. General sales conditions: - Prices are valid for wooden box packaging. Carton box packaging has an overall surcharge of 5%. - Please review our general conditions of sale on our website or upon request. - Extra documentation and certification requested by the customer will be invoiced.


When the container is shipped from our warehouse, customer service will send you the invoice, the packing list and a draft bill of lading by email. The invoice will also be available by logging in the webshop.
To ensure you receive the goods smoothly, please check the information on the documents carefully once you receive them. If you need to modify any information on the documents, please contact customer service immediately before the original documents are issued.


All our product certificates, technical datasheets and installation instructions are available on our website on product pages. Contact customer service if you need further information regarding certificates or technical matters.
All our product certificates, technical datasheets and installation instructions are available on our website on product pages. Contact customer service if you need further information regarding certificates or technical matters. When purchasing out of assortment products, we will clearly mention whether these products have FM/UL or not.

Quality control

Piping Logistics takes quality very seriously, so we have standard quality control procedures for each product. Our own quality control team works in the manufacturing site to ensure that the product complies with the Piping Logistics standards.

Other questions

Our business model is focused on partner-distributors. Exclusivity for your region of sales has to be determined together with the Sales Manager.
End-users that will contact us directly will be redirected towards the appointed distributor for a specific region of sales.
Contact us
to find our distributor in your region of sales or to become a partner. We look forward to fitting your needs!