Wet alarm valve Flanged with trim (without Gong) • Flanged PN10|16

Profit wet alarm check valves are swing type check valves that allow water to flow in one direction. They automatically actuate an electric or hydraulic alarm when one or more sprinkler-heads are activated. Type FACV has a fixed flange on the in and outlet. All valves are supplied inclusive a complete trimset with a retard chamber and a pressure switch (details can be found on our datasheets). Optional water motor gong is also available from stock. The valves are designed to be used in WET fire protection sprinkler systems.

  • Available sizes: 3 – 8 inch
  • Working pressure FM: 20,7 barg / 300 PSI
  • Working pressure CE: 16 barg / 230 PSI
  • FM approved / CE certified / EAC certified / UL certified 

Also available: pressure switch for wet alarm valves and maintenance sets